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Project Highlights

Marketing a new service? Want to talk about your expertise? Interested in driving product demonstration requests? Below are some examples of my video, podcast, and animation work that have proven, tangible results.



Using Via to Uncover Promotional Opportunities

When Euromonitor International launched a tool that tracks the pricing data of 1500+ online retailers, they needed to explain how the tool can be used by companies to plan promotional strategies. The the video I produced blends live action and animation to concisely explain the product and its benefits.


For this video, I provided direction, videography, editing, animation, vocal directing and sound mixing.



Projectified is the premiere podcast for project managers, providing engaging conversations with project professionals and individuals involved in steering project success. In it's seventh season, Projectified continues to be a valuable resource to project managers, who have downloaded the show over 1 million times. 

For this podcast, I provide remote audio recording, guest training, and audio production, editing, and mixing.

Projectified has won four awards since I've started working on it, including the 2024 AVA Gold Award for Audio Production




About Aware Health

Aware Health is a healthcare tech startup focused on partnering with employers to treat employee muscle, nerve, and joint pain. Instead of costly imaging and avoidable surgery, Aware Health treats patients remotely through physical therapy, They needed a video to not only explain the benefits of their work to prospective clients, but to explain why the company was founded. Furthermore - they needed to do it all remotely.

I provided consulting on remote shooting equipment and conducted the shoots via an online recording platform. I also took existing cell phone footage and enhanced the video and audio. In the editing process, some screen captures were superimposed on to stock footage, providing a compelling visual effect. I also animated the Aware Health logo for the beginning of the video.

The final video was a success for Aware Health, and the company is promoting their services with the video across social media channels.


Playbook Deep Dive

Playbook Deep Dive features POLITICO's top reporters and Playbook authors bringing the most compelling and confounding stories that explain what’s really going on in Washington.

For this podcast, I engineered the field audio recording of New York Times White House Correspondent Katie Rogers for the episode The Secrets of Jill Biden's East Wing




Via: See Our New Product in Action

Euromonitor international's launch of a new online pricing database needed a video to not only explain the product in a concise manner, but also visualize it in a way that made its potential userbase excited. This video blends stock footage with animated elements of the tool.

For this project, I provided videography, editing, animation, voice-over narration, and sound mixing.


See Passport in Action

Passport is Euromonitor International's main product - a market research database that provides data and insight on industries, economies and consumers worldwide. They needed a succinct way to explain how powerful this database to decision makers from Fortune 500 businesses to academic institutions.

The result? This video was a touchpoint for over 10,000 product demonstration requests. Video marketing company Wistia interviewed me as a  success story of proving video ROI with this project.

For this video, I provided direction, videography, animation, direction, videography, editing, animation, vocal directing and sound mixing.




Travel in 2040

Euromonitor International's travel and tourism research team looked ahead to what the travel industry might look like in 2040 as the climate crisis looms large. This video uses hand -drawn illustrations to speculate about typical travel in the near future. 

For this project, I provided animation, audio mixing, and the voice over narration.


Examining the Renovation, Innovation, Disruption Framework

Animation doesn't have to be overly complex to make an impact. The graphic design team at Euromonitor created iconography for a whitepaper, and I took those icons and animated them in a simple yet compelling way to demonstrate the whitepaper's key concepts.

For this project, I provided the animation, voice-over narration, and audio mixing.



Commercial Insights with Regions Bank


Regions Bank's business podcast series is full of lessons learned from the recent past and smart strategies for the future. This series  covers what companies need to thrive in today’s ever-changing world, from supply chain strategies and hybrid work models to fraud management and fighting decision fatigue.

For this podcast, I provided remote audio recording, guest training, and audio production, editing, and mixing.


How Have We Adapted in 2021?

Euromonitor international releases a yearly report on global consumer trends, but for 2021, they needed a completely reimagined marketing plan. Since in-person shooting was impossible during the pandemic, this video combines stock footage with remote video recording to deliver an impactful look on how the pandemic altered global consumer trends in 2021.

For this project, I provided video editing, remote video direction, voice-over narration, animation, and sound mixing.

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